BBA Agrement Certificate : 07/4470, 40 year weatherproof guarantee.



BBA Agrement Certificate : 08/4603, 50 year manufacturers
limited warranty.
We only use Class A Fire Rated Tiles to BS476 part 3 Boarded Roof SAA


Roof Vents:

Opt to have a roof vent fitted
into your Warmer Roof Solid Roof for
added light and ventilation.

• 10 years guarantee
• Slimline wooden frame design
• Lacquer coating, toughened outer glass


More Information:

If you need some more infomation on the Warmer roof range and the colours and styles available then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

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Colours & Styles

Your roof can be personalised inside and out.

Internally the plastered finish remains the most popular as it makes the room
bright and airy, although timber and pvc cladding can be considered. For added light and ventilation doubts velux type roof vents are available.

Your installer will offer you lighting options, either surface mounted or concealed along the length of the ridge within a drop down lowered ceiling.

Externally your can choose from a range of coloured lightweight tiles and slates from the likes of Metrotile and Tapco. Both have BBA accreditation, offer proven weatherproof performance and come with extensive guarantees against corrosion, warping, fading
and cracking.


A great range of tile styles & colours...

Metro Tile - Burnt Umber Metro Tile - Charcoal Metro Tile - Ebony
Metro Tile - Antique Red Tapco - Red Brick Tapco - Stone Black
Tapco - Chestnut Brown Tapco - Pewter Grey Tapco - Plumb

Alternative slate colours available



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  • • Incredible U-Value
  • • Lightweight Structural Frame
  • • Choice of Tile and Slate Colours
  • • Long life expectancy on all roofs
  • • Fast installation process

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